I had so much fun with his party thanks to good old Pintrest!  I have created a bunch of the files for the batman silly string and the posters for the different stations if you want just send me an email and I can email them to you.  Cake and cupcakes are from Cravings and they taste as good as they look.  She did a different flavor in each layer.  A lot of the Decor was from Hobby Lobby.  I designed and printed the backdrop through Pepperlu.  You can totally use this backdrop and I can customize it for you if you want.  You can use code PARTY30 for 30% off your order.  Capes are from Amazon.  and the waterbottle and fruit printables I just found through pintrest.  I got Max’s cute shirt from Revolution.  For their gifts I gave them a gift bag at the beginning and then they got a little toy after they passed off each station then they got to keep the capes. The only treat they got to take home were the suckers which I think the moms appreciated.   Enjoy!



I figure since its been a year I should probably post Mya’s Baptism.  Better late than never:)