I’m so behind on posting. So sorry!  I’m going to try to catch up here.  Here are some shots from our last trip to Hawaii (maui)  It was an amazing trip. Let me know if you have any questions on outfits or anything.

xoxo -Kate

I hardly post to my blog anymore but I had to post these cuties since I gave these to them a few weeks ago and she still hasn’t been able to see them since her computer doesn’t have a CD drive.

I can’t believe Lyla is 3 already! Seems like she was just born. This little girl has been such a fun crazy addition to our family, she has so much personality, I don’t know what we would do without her.  She is obsessed with swimming and princesses so we decided to do a swimming mermaid party. There aren’t many options for swimming in March here in Utah so we decided to do it at the rec center so it isn’t the prettiest room but at least there is a great indoor pool the kids were able to do the birthday party first then go swimming after.  Got most of my ideas through pinterest, I will try to post all the links possible for everything.


The layout for lyla’s invites and the circle cutouts for the party favors and dinner menu are from www.onecharmingparty.com

Had them printed with the scalloped edge from www.prodigitalphotos.com

lunch boxes, cups, gumbal favors and wands are from www.chasing-fireflies.com

cake and cake pops are from  www.dippidee.com 

Lyla’s headband aslo the party favor hair clips with the seashells and Lyla’s necklace and bracelet  www.bannerboutiqueonline.com

mermaid cookies from  www.etsy.com/shop/TSCookies

necklace party favors from www.etsy.com/shop/thesetinytreasures

mini glass favor jars www.shoptomkat.com