I know it’s march and I’m finally getting around to posting some Christmas shots.  Better late than never.   I love these shots with Max and Santa.  He came to visit us at grandma and grandpas and as he was leaving we asked if he would take a quick picture with Max.  it was snowing lightly and it looked magical.




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I don’t do birthday parties for my kids every year because it consumes me.  I had so much fun planning this party, I have wanted to do a Halloween party for quite awhile.  The photo booth was a big hit.  I bought the tent from amazon.  It didn’t get the best reviews but it was inexpensive and it was perfect for a photo booth.  I designed the halloween backdrop and sell it at pepperlu.I got the printer and paper from amazon.  It was great.  I just hooked it up to my camera and printed them right there for the kids.  I had pre-made the cards that I taped them to.

The next big hit was the pumpkin station.  I didn’t want to do pumpkin carving because it would be way to much work and way to messy.  This nuts and bolts idea was perfect.  I found some of the old nuts and vintage bottle caps from etsy.  And some I found a refurbished hardware stores.  I pre painted some of the pumpkins with silver, metallic and gold spray paint.  Then the kids did the rest!  I stored the nuts and bolts in an old  letter press drawer that I found on Etsy as well.

I got  a lot of the decor from the line meri meri.  Or Evans gate house.  I made the garland from tissue paper.  There are a ton of tutorials and youtube videos.  Or you can click here.