I love this image so much!  And what I love most is it wasn’t even staged.  My dad was holding him and standing next to santa and santa started telling him how he gets into the house through the chimney.  I snapped it as Max was pointing to the chimney.  And this Santa happened to be the real santa which made it even more magical. So it’s actually super easy to add snow to an image.  If you can find an image of snow falling with a black background. I found this on on shutterstock.  Or you could take one at night with a flash.  Just add the image of the snow on top of the image and then in your layers pallet just change the mode to screen.  I adjusted the opacity until it looked right and then erased a few of the bigger snowflakes so they weren’t in their eyes.  maxsantamaxandsanta2014snow-logo

I love our Christmas cards this year! I have been waiting to post these to get my cards out first.  I designed this card and had Pro Digital print them.  This is called a slider card and I love it.  It isn’t too late to order your cards if you have been procrastinating!


My good friend Jess Bishop   did our family picts this year and I love how they turned out!



I always have people ask where our outfits are from so here goes:  Mine is from freepeople.com even the boots and hat.  Dan’s is from Jcrew  Olivia’s top is from Gap  the pants are a few years old from neveandhawk as well as mya’s jacket.  Myas undershirt is from jakandpeppar.

Lylas shirt is from jakandpeppar.com and her pants are from zara as well as myas pants.  Lylas shoes are old but they are from next and  I can’t remember where myas and olivias boots are from, they are both from last year.  Max’s top is from gap and pants and shoes are from zara and his hat is from walmart!



I didn’t love olivia’s hair the day of the shoot so I had to re-shoot her at the same location.  So that’s why the coloring looks so different.


My girls have been begging for a fairy garden for years but I have been putting it off.  I figured I had to get one done before they get to old for it.   I got most of the fairies from  sunrivergardens.com and some from amazon.  I got these cute Christmas houses last year from www.evansgatehouse.com . And Dan built the box for it.

Also this awesome book case was from Target.  It fits perfect! blogfairyland2blogfairyland