I had so much fun planning this my little pony party for Lyla.  Thank goodness for pintrest!  I saw this cute rainbow on a cake and thought it would make really cute backdrop for the party, so I had Alisha from Craving’s cupcakes make this rainbow and clouds out of fondant.  I watercolored the backdrop and cut out start and hearts to embellish it.  She also made the cute cupcakes for the party also. Then I had Pepperlu print it up for me.  It is now available to purchase under my designs.  Here is the link to the backdrops.  Rainbow Love  & Rainbow Hearts.  You can use code: Rainbowlove for 30% off your order. Her invite was designed by etsy. I found the pattern for the back on shutterstock and just added her name to it. Printed at Prodigital Photos . The crowns were quite a bit of work and actually determined the amount of kids she was able to invite because I didn’t want to make more than 7.   But thanks to my Silhouette  it made it so much easier than cutting everything out by hand.   As far as the stations we had a hair station that we just used hair chalk for the hair station.  Nail polish and stickers for the nail station.  For the necklace station I searched for necklaces for gifts and they were $8 or more so thought it would be fun to use shrinky dinks. I just found my little pony coloring pages online and printed them out and traced them with a gel pen.  Then had the girls color them in and they turned out so cute and probably spent $6 total for all the necklaces including the chains. I bought everything from Joann’s. Of course the favorite station of the party were the “real” my little ponies.  If you live in Utah you should check out utahponyparty.com they were great to work with.lylaparty2lylaparty1The lady who made my cake doesn’t have a website she does it more for fun. But if you are in Utah email me and I can give you her contact info.  The fruit is from ediblearrangements. lylaparty3lylaparty4lylaparty11lylaparty5lylaparty7lylaparty8lylaparty17-lylaparty9lylaparty10

We almost didn’t do valentine picts of the older girls because I was too lazy to buy them cute valentines outfits, but then I just decided to have them do them in their regular everyday t-shirts and they turned out just fine for their picts and I’m glad I took them.

The whoopee cushions were a big hit with their classmates.  Idea from pintrest I just created my own tag.  Backdrops from pepperlu.com


Since I’m over Personal Progress, for our New Beginning night I was suppose to talk about PP and I wanted to give the new girls a little handout.  One of them I just printed the new theme logo on one side and  then a link to how they can do their personal progress online on the other side.  But the girls really loved the tri-fold I did with all the values on them.  I bought the designs on etsy from CdotLove and had them printed on a 4×5.5 folded card from prodigitalphotos.  And for the girls who are finished with their PP and are working on their honor bee.  I found these cute print outs from etsy.  

personalprogress copy

So for Christmas this year we gave our kids a tiny bedroom makeover, with new paint in their room, new bed spreads and lamps. Also a new desk.  If you want to see their old room click here. The hardest part is they wanted completely different bed spreads that didn’t go together at all, so I just got matching sheet sets and I think that helped tie the room together a little, but I think it still cute and shows of their personality a little.  Olivias bedspread is from Anthropologie.  Mya’s is from www.landofnod.com  as well as their lamps.   The scallop rug is from www.pbteen.com and the pictures behind the bed are from Hobby Lobby. Throw pillows from lemmonlane.com  and land of nod.  As for the polka dots that was so much fun and easy.  I’ll include a picture at the bottom of the post.



The favorite part of the room was these new pin boards.  I just printed off cute pictures of them and their friends ect and decorated them with scrapbook supplies.  I got everything from Hobby Lobby.americangirl5americangirl4  Also I have had lots of people ask for images of the American Girl doll room so here you go:) When we were building this house we noticed all the attic space up in the girls room so we punched a hole in the wall and put this little room in there, the girls love it because it looks hidden from their bedroom, you have to go in through a tiny hole that is covered with a pin board. (from hobby lobby)americangirl3I just glued fabric on the back of the wall of the AG rooms.  And the flooring for the rooms from miniaturedesigns.com  the wallpaper of the city is from www.anthropologie.com which I don’t believe they still have.  The lighting for the rooms is from Amazon.  The bigmarque peace sign is from PBteen. 



The paint I used for the polkadots is just the metallic paint from Home Depot and I got the sponge from Joannes.  I didn’t measure anything I just painted them randomly it only took 10-15 min to do the room.americangirl9